What’s more important? The number of calories you eat or the type of calories you eat?


Nowadays, all of us are focused on how much calories we eat on a day to day basis. But the problem is that we are so focused on this that we forget about some other pivotal stuff, which would be the type of calories we ingest. But which is the better option, to focus on eating fewer calories, or should you try to shift towards a specific type of calories? Let’s find out!

According to Brian Wansink, the author of “Mindless Eating”, it seems that the best thing you can do if you want to stay in shape is to stop eating too much. Yes, the problem doesn’t reside on the type of calories you eat. Calories are going to add up regardless of what calorie type you opt for. Plus, according to Brian’s book, we end up eating a lot of food just because it’s in front of us and we can’t help but overeat.

If you focus a bit more on the amount of calories you eat per day, you can end up reducing the calorie intake with around 20% or more. Something that, as you can imagine, will lead to some tremendous health benefits.

However, a study performed at the University of Washington made overweight women eat 440 fewer calories per day, but at the same time, they supplemented the protein intake with 30%. They got to lose weight as well, 

without even having to worry about it. The reason why this worked is that protein gives that sense of fullness that other compounds just can’t offer.

Of course, adding in veggies and fruits and even replacing some foods with them can also help you lose weight. The great thing here is that fruits and veggies are known to have a very small amount of calories, and that’s going to come in handy for a person that wants to lose weight naturally, fast and very easy.

What we have to learn from all these studies is that each body is different, so it will have a different reaction to dietary changes. Most of the time, lowering the amount of calories you eat on a day to day basis can help shed the extra pounds. But for some people, this won’t be enough. You also have to focus on the type of calories that you eat as well.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you don’t overeat and bring lots of calories into your body. Having control over the calorie amount in your body is extremely important, and you may want to keep that into consideration. But yes, the calorie type does matter too. You can easily eat 500 calories worth of French fries, but trying to get 500 calories from Apples is impossible. So, varying the calorie types and trying to identify new sources of calories as often as you can. Of course, you should try to keep the calorie count low, just to be safe!